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New pavers show park in Spouwen


You can now come and admire our range in a new pavers show park right next to our showroom in Spouwen. The park is an outdoor display area. Because of the natural light, the pavers show their true colours to give you a realistic idea. In total we have 17 colours on display from our range of pavers. Sand-faced, smooth, tumbled or untumbled. Each colour covers an area of 3 m². In addition to the wide range of colours, you will also find plenty of inspiration for a bond for your pavers. We have 3 types of bonds on display: stretcher bond, elbow bond and herringbone bond. Discover the many advantages of the Huwa pavers. Our pavers are always supplied with spacers. The spacers allow for easy and responsible bricklaying, as they will ensure that the bricks (despite the fact that they are laid in a 'straight' joint) are still approx. 3 mm apart, making it less likely for them to be damaged.

Huwa pavers are of high quality and durable. They are a 100% natural product without artificial additives and have an average lifespan of 125 years. Read more about the sustainability of our pavers.

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