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Mix of colours for government paver project in Machelen


In the municipality of Machelen (BE) the Spoelberchplein is currently being reconstructed with Huwa pavers. Architect MaxWan from Rotterdam designed a plan to strengthen the relationship between the residential areas and the square. The Spoelberchplein will be transformed into an attractive square, where people can enjoy spending time. There will be more space for greenery and the square will be opened up towards the fields. The square will regain its own, strong identity.

In all, the project will require 3,200 m² of pavers. Two unique types of colour mixes were chosen. These individually composed mixes were named after the project.

Machels Red Colourful mix DF: Burgos, Bretagne, Murcia Nostalgie, Medoc Nostalgie, Bergerac Nostalgie, Medoc, Bergerac

Machels Brown Colourful mix DF: Cadiz, Dordogne, Dordogne Nostalgie

Work is currently well under way and should be finished by the end of November.