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Connecting bridge in Amsterdam becomes outright attraction


Architect Liesbeth van der Pol’s vision of the “Lex van Deldenbrug” is more than just a practical connecting bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.

Attractive shades
The architect calls it a place where you can stop and admire the lively city and the water below. The wide bridge has surprising dimensions and even offers sufficient space to sit and muse. The architect imagines people sitting here with tables and chairs, enjoying the evening sun. The bridge has been constructed using predominantly warm yellow-brown tones. The architect chose the pavers Riviera 204x66x85 and Lerida 204x66x85. The striking colour of the Riviera pavers provides a clear delineation of the bicycle path. LED lights in the pavement are indicating a safe bicycle and pedestrian pathway and a pleasant and amazing place to stop off and muse.

Collaboration: Straton, Berlicum


Photo: Thijs Wolzak