Vandersanden Group supports the 'NotFound' project from Child Focus


The 'NotFound' project is an initiative of Child Focus and Missing Children Europe. This project transforms the not found pages on the world wide web, the so-called 404 error messages, into missing persons notices; in this case missing children. The 404 page is one of the most recognizable and visited pages on the web. Until now they were an immeasurable source of frustration for anyone accidentally accessing these pages. With the 'NotFound' project, Missing Children Europe and Child Focus are putting new meaning into this useless space.

Vandersanden Group is also supporting this project. From now on, if you access a 404 page from our website, a notice with a missing child will be displayed. The choice of each missing persons notice is at random. This means it may concern someone who has gone missing recently, or perhaps a child that has been missing for some time. You can find more information about this project on www.notfound.org.