Vandersanden Group manages exposure to quartz dust during brick production


During the production of bricks, quartz dust is released. This can be harmful both to the health of workers and the environment. To continue to meet the highest standards in the workplace, Vandersanden Group has installed a new dedusting system in their factory in Spouwen.

The production capacity in Spouwen has risen significantly to 100 million bricks per year. As a result of the production capacity increase in Spouwen, there has been more attention for working with environmentally-conscious techniques. Earlier a Combined Heat and Power Plant was installed, so the factory can generate its own electricity. The flue gas filters on all factory chimneys are in place for the purification of plant gases. In 2013 it was decided to install a new dedusting system of the type Keller Lufttechnik Benelux.

Before the facing bricks are baked, they are moved mechanically from the carrying plates onto the kiln trolleys. The empty carrying plates that are still covered in sand and clay are rotated and stacked. This process causes a lot of swirling quartz dust. One plate can already cause a cloud of dust, and if you realize that 110 million bricks a year are manufactured ... This makes it extremely important to install the best possible extraction method for a clean and healthy work environment.

The new dedusting system works with a curtain of water in the filter and has a self-suctioning venturi. The benefits consist of lower maintenance costs and less wear caused by the sand. The emission values are also much lower.

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