Vandersanden Group awarded the Limburg export prize


Export Province

Voka Limburg wishes to give more attention to the export success of companies in Limburg. For that reason the first awarding of the Limburg export prize was organized. A panel of experts chose the winners based on predetermined criteria.

Export Prize

On Tuesday, 6 October, during the Week of International Entrepreneurship, Voka Limburg awarded the prize in three categories. In the category ‘company with more than 50 employees’ the panel of experts awarded the prize to Vandersanden Group for its success story in the export countries. Wilfried Lenaers, Director Sales & Marketing: “We focus on brand awareness, long-term relationships, a modified organization and learning teams. This is an interaction between us and our export partners. The aim is to change them into an extension of our organization, offering the customer a comparable, stable experience with the Vandersanden brand everywhere.”

Both nationally and internationally, bricks are still the most widely-used building material for façades in many regions. Vandersanden Group manages to use an ancient product to maintain the local atmospheric street culture. Wilfried Lenaers: “We try to be extraordinarily ordinary”. Ordinary, because our neighbouring countries are our main export markets. Extraordinary, because due to our export we have grown into the largest family producer of handmade facing bricks in Europe. By doing so, we remain financially healthy and we help create very attractive buildings. Both in our neighbouring countries, and far beyond.”


Export Pearls

Take a look at a few export pearls. These are amazing results thanks to a focused export plan, in collaboration with the export partners.