Storage of additives stock optimized in Lanklaar branch


During the production of a brick, we use additives such as iron oxide, manganese or yellow clay powder to colour the bricks. Until recently these additives were unorganized stored and as a result it often took staff a long time to find what they were looking for. The new storage method with drive-on and push-back pallet racks has led to more efficiency and fewer errors.

What makes the BITO drive-on pallet racks so special, is the use of FlowStop technology. FlowStop provides the easiest and safest way to remove pallets from the racks, with no risk of damage to the racks or the load.

Advantages of new warehouse facility

Firstly, there is an increase in storage capacity due to compact storage and optimal use of height. Secondly, each additive has been allocated a fixed channel. Fork lift truck drivers can now remove the required pallet without first moving the other pallets out of the way. The third advantage is an improved stock management. Making an inventory of the stock is now much easier, leading to a far greater stock reliability. And the final advantage is that the storage area is much easier to clean properly.

Project Manager Jos Bloemen is very happy with the improvements: “This has been a very serious investment that will definitely pay off. We are now working more efficiently, with fewer errors. Furthermore, the cleanliness and tidiness in the additives warehouse has improved tremendously.”