Signa brick innovation, perfect for our new carport


We very recently built a brand new carport at our branch in Spouwen in Belgium. This car shelter provides enough space for most of our fleet and is fitted with a number of charging points in anticipation of the introduction of our electric vehicles in the near future. The total area of the facade comes to 300 m². We decided to use this opportunity to display some of the possibilities of Signa, our latest innovation. Signa consists of a weatherproof Rockpanel onto which you can bond your own design of brick slips. The easy-to-use panels can be attached and screwed onto an aluminium structure that has been measured out precisely.

Signa is an innovation specially developed for construction projects. It offers boundless possibilities with brick. You can create millions of different patterns based on just 4 variables: shape, colour, relief and bond. For the brick slips, you can choose from any of the bricks in the range. As you can see, Signa offers incredible freedom of design for making facades.

We selected a pattern with a variation in colour, relief and bond for our carport in Spouwen. The new, distinctive Water-struck colours Billund and Herning provide a gradual variation of colour over the entire facade. The brick slips are in a vertical bond and also slightly differ in thickness. This has resulted in an attractively contrasting facade with its own unique combination of colour and texture. Its own Signa-ture.

Installation was carried out by Drooghmans based in Balen, in Belgium, who are facade experts.

Would you like more information about Signa? Visit our website: www.signapanels.be or contact our specialist team by telephone on +32 89 56 02 64 or send an email to bricksolutions@vandersanden.com.