New workshop in Spouwen shows a combination of Signa and E-Brick


In early 2012 the construction started of a new warehouse in Spouwen. By now the building has been completed and put into service as a central warehouse with additional workshop and lab. Our innovation department Brick Solutions has taken full advantage of this new building to further test and improve a number of new brick façade systems for convenience and speed of processing. In addition it now also serves as an ideal reference project. The choice was made to use the E-Brick insulation system and our latest new brick development Signa.

Signa consists of an all-weather Rock panel to which you can bond any brick pattern of your choice. You are completely free to choose any brick pattern you like. There are numerous available bonds. You can also choose any colour or size from the Vandersanden brick range. And you can even add a relief to your façade by alternating between different saw cuts and brick thicknesses. With all these options, Signa gives you an endless number of possible combinations that allow you to put your own "signa"-ture to a unique façade. For the new building in Spouwen we chose the Lithium waal size 50 brick. We opted for a combination of vertically and horizontally placed brick slips with a changing relief. Signa is always joint-free. The Signa mounting panels are ready-made. Next, a specialized fitting company mounts the panels at the building site. Watch a clip from the new Signa website. From here you can also download the brochure. Any additional questions? Please contact us.

The other parts of the building are clad with E-Brick panels. These are insulating panels that are finished with Vandersanden brick slips. Here we chose the Orange brick in waal size 65. The advantage of E-Brick is that the panels are ready to be fitted. In one single movement you can insulate and clad the façade with brick. This guarantees a quick and correct installation. Check out all of the advantages, colours and references of E-Brick.