Family day at Vandersanden Group: a huge success!


This was an opportunity for family and friends to take a look behind the scenes and in a nice way discover how important each link is within the company. The day started off with a fascinating presentation on the history of Vandersanden Group; how the company was founded and how it evolved into one of the largest brick manufacturers in Europe. This was followed by a movie about the production process. How exactly a brick is being made? This was useful for a better understanding of the different production steps during the tour of the factory.

After the 'grand tour' it was time to enjoy a snack and a drink. One of the factory halls had been transformed into a cosy sitting area and a place where the youngest guests could enjoy some children's entertainment. It was clear to see that everyone was enjoying a slice of cake or pie, a waffle, cupcakes or brownies; all home-baked by the staff.

The amazing proceeds of €6500 will be fully donated to the charity Vandersanden Group is committed to, which is a project for the hospital in Lalibela, Ethiopia. There the doctors and nurses are trying to provide their patients with the best possible care, while working under very difficult circumstances. One of the major problems is maternal mortality: approximately 1 in 30 mothers does not survive the birth of their child, the main reason being that they are not able to reach the hospital in time to receive the care they need. There was an urgent need for a simple ambulance, which was delivered in the beginning of March this year. Watch the clip on the official handover of the ambulance in Lalibela.

Almost 1000 people visited Vandersanden Group in Spouwen, so we can look back on a very successful open day!