Embracing 3D architecture with SketchUp


SketchUp for beginners


SketchUp is a widely used design program for architects and other designers. They use it principally in the design phase as a quick and easy way to obtain an initial 3D image. The more realistic the image, the easier it will be to engage their clients in the narrative.

At Vandersanden, we use it mainly during the product development phase to determine the 3D design and to get an image of an object. It is a very versatile 3D design application. We have loaded our 3D textures, together with the various pointing mortar colours, into our new SketchUp profile. Anyone can use them!

Why SketchUp?


The huge advantage is that it is available in a free version. Also, SketchUp is easy to use. It works very intuitively for an architect or designer. The program has been set up in such a way that, even without any special training, you can get started immediately.

It's now easy for architects to apply a Vandersanden brick pattern onto a 3D house in SketchUp. It is also an ideal application for the architect, contractor or student looking for attractive brick patterns for their project.

See it for yourself in SketchUp's 3D warehouse. Enjoy your designing experience!

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