Installing E-Brick façade panels in 6 steps

Place start profile to continue on flat, clean surface.
Screw down special insulation corner sections to clad the façade corners.
Fasten E-Brick panels by screwing screws into the pre-drilled holes.
Use PUR Foam between the E-Brick panels to make them watertight.
Use adhesive for connecting slips between panels and corner slips.
Joint the bricks.

A 10 year warranty on the installation of E-Brick by an experienced professional, trained by us

The ready-made E-Brick façade panels consist of a layer of high-quality and non-deformable insulation foam, finished with brick slips of your choice. An experienced professional, trained by us, will install this total solution. E-Brick can be fitted on concrete, existing masonry, aerated concrete, wooden skeleton constructions and plasterwork. You will receive a 10 year warranty on the quality of your panels and the installation.

E-Brick is installed in 6 steps.