Install the E-Board exterior wall insulation and brick slips yourself in 6 steps

Use mortar adhesive to glue the panels to the exterior wall.
Drill holes in the insulation panels.
Tap thermally interrupted nail plugs into the holes.
Apply water-resistant adhesive to front of insulation panels and make streaks in the adhesive.
Place the brick slips onto the insulation panels with the adhesive.
Joint the bricks.

Step-by-step plan for installing E-Board yourself

E-Board has been specially designed for contractors and handy home improvers. The DIY kit with the insulation panels, facing brick slips, adhesive and screws is delivered to your building site. The tongue and groove system with hook-and-butt joint connection allows you to install the panels yourself, easily, quickly and correctly. Or have them installed, You can then fit the brick slips.

You can install E-Board in 6 steps.