What's the story behind this penthouse in Serbia?

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Ten years ago, architect Aleksandar Savikin designed the building with the penthouse. He also had the opportunity to create the interior. He tells us: “In certain respects this work was made easier, as I was fully aware of all the architectural lines and possible positioning of the furniture. It's always such a pleasure to design the building first and then to decorate the interior afterwards.”
Brick slips for the interior

The architect created open spaces that flow into each other to form one large integrated space. The choice of brick slips not only stands for a distinct style, but it also brings all the different areas together. Aleksandar Savikin: “I decided on bricks because I love the contrast of modern and minimalistic furniture against the rough surface of the bricks. The furniture and lighting seem more sculptural and special against a brick background.”

Dark colour
Douro facing bricks provide this kind of contrast thanks to the powerful texture and dark colour. The joint-free brickwork adds a modern touch. “I must admit that it took a lot of courage to choose this colour for an area of 100 sqm. But it was love at first sight. Douro bricks have a complex colour, and they are in perfect harmony with the idea I had for the interior. The result is even better than I expected,” explains the architect.
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