'Oude Kuststeen' adds warmth to Croatian bakeries

News overview

Mlinar is a chain of bakeries in Croatia. To create a warm atmosphere, interior designer Marco Golobic decided to use facing brick slips for the interior of the bakeries. His brick of choice was the 'Oude Kuststeen'. Currently 3 bakeries have been completed with this type of brick. In total, Croatia has approximately 100 Mlinar bakeries. For a successful completion of these projects, we have collaborated with our partner in Croatia: Boston D.o.o.

Decorative brick slips

Brick slips are 2 cm thick slips of original facing bricks. They have the same characteristics as the facing bricks in accordance with the Belgian Benor and European CE standards. They are also lightweight and very easy to handle. When applying to interior walls, you will lose less space because of the reduced thickness. When joined, the brickslips have the same appearance as ordinary brickwork with full bricks. View the colour range or completed projects with brick slips. Demand more information about brick slips, available colours and prices.